At the heart of a coomb… the ponds

From Montfaucon to Glovelier, crossing the bucolic « Combe Tabeillon », many ponds (« Plain de Saigne », « Côte d’Oye », « Bollement », « La Combe ») mark out the path and give up their secrets. From the railway station of Montfaucon, by following the course of the little brook, you will go down the magnificent Comb Tabeillon where the succession of biotopes such as peatbogs, ponds or live waters cross your path, will permit you to understand the geological formation of our region and above all, the importance of water in a historical context but also for our present and future. Your guide will make you discover the ponds of the Plain de Saigne, la Côte d’Oye, Bollement and la Combe. The observation of the flora and fauna, varying in accordance to the altitude (from 981m to 501m) will enchant you. Possibility of transport by the trains of Chemins de fer du Jura (CJ).