The valley of the Doubs

The bordering valley carries a lot of stories of smuggling which have inspired numerous writers and poets. The discovery of its geology, its flora and fauna, will enable you to understand more on this enchanting site. The meeting point is fixed at the village place of Goumois, a bordering village with bucolic charm that your guide will make you discover. You will then climb up the valley of the Doubs, under the watchful eye of the grey heron. You will discover rare orchids, the trap of the wild arum or the secret of alchemy in the ruins of the ancient mills. Then, by following the smugglers’ trails, we will cross the border to go down the water course, on the french side of the bank , surprising by passage the flash of blue from the kingfisher or the tracks of the trout. There, with the recital of the wyvern, a few shivers might go down your spine ! The meeting point is fixed in the village of Goumois. There is a possibility of transport by postal bus. Transport of bicycles is possible on demand.