On the trail of the bobcat

It’s a shy animal, this splendid feline crosses our region, especially on the « Côtes du Doubs » It brushespast you, it avoids  but observes you… Departure from the « gare CJ » from Muriaux, you will go through a crossing of beautiful wooded pastureland until the rocks of the Sommêtres.

From this impressive place that dominates the valley of the Doubs, your guide will read the Franco-Swiss landscape that you will see infront of you.

By sliding little by little into the skin of the bobcat, you will discover its territory, with its hunting spots, the non-frequented areas (roads, housing) its secret passage-ways… And during the whole descent towards the bottom of the valley, on the trail of this phantom-like animal, you will feel observed, watched and avoided.

Only some clues revealed by your guide will confirm to you the real presence of this animal. The return journey will be made by following the Doubs until the village, under the attentive and motionless eye of the « monkey rock ».


Remarque: le départ peut se faire depuis le Centre de Loisirs ou la gare de Saignelégier (10.7 km) ou depuis la gare de Muriaux (sur demande)