Themes of the Colporteur

Remark : The themes can be adapted according to the situation, the age of the children and the disposition of the time. However we advise for some themes a particular age and/or a specific  time.

It also offeres to carry out this activities on several weeks for to have a monitoring of the activity. That allows a complete acquisition of knowledge for the students and they can use what they learned in ohter classes. In case of a project, contact us by

Proposed themes list : 

Prehistoric and time themes 

– The prehistory wokshop

– The path of time

– Measure time

– Jurassic center

Animal theme

Track and find clues of live animals

Build Birdhouses for Swallows

– Wood ants

–  Bobcats

–  Dream birds

– Bats 

– The batrachian

Water themes

– The world of mushrooms

– The peatland

– Ground to ground ( experience on the ground)

-The hedge

Adapted theme for the smaller children (Kindergarten)

– Tales and legends

– Tuga and the magic hat

The themes like “Track and find clues the live animals”, “dream birds” and “green music workshop” can also be adapted for the younger children.