Measure time

In agreement with te exhibition 2011-2012 “Homo Temporis” we offer a workshop “measure Time”, who includes a realisation of tools or instruments  to redraw the history of time. In fact, since always, the men felt the need to measure time : the life on earth, since a long time ago was exclusively in tempo with the solar system (Day and Night), the technical development to measure time helped the men to gradually progress in the dependence of the stars.

This evolution continues, even today, our society is influenced by these aspects.

To discover :

– The way to measure the ancestral time, some still use it this days, but not only.

– Measurre time with a candle.

– The manufacturation of sundials and their different varieties.

– The amorphous substance and the flow of time (water and sand).

– The dating of the carbon 14 or going back in the ancient time.

It will cost extra with the equipment if you choose to manufacture the candles who tell time.

Recommended ages : 4 to 12 years old.

Area : school classrooms.