Birthday party

Birthday party

Come and do your birthday party in the nature center.

Your parents don’t have the space or the time to organize your birthday party ? We can offer you a key in hand for a playful afternoon in our nature center.

We will prepare for you and your friends a nature animation on a theme, we will make together a snak and we will make you discover the nature center.

With  the occasion of this party, you will receive a little gift from the nature center and a CD-ROM with the pictures of the afternoon.

Organisation – Do-it-yourself :

– Kazoo and green music

Fabrication of a small whistle with natural elements.

Animations and games with for subject sound and music.


– Solaire systeme and learn to tell time

Fabrication of a hand pocket solaire systeme, learn to read time from the sun and play with time.


– Make a purse with a carton milk

Fabrication of a purse with a carton of milk and learn to recycle.


– Origami

Fabricate animals and other stuff by foulding the paper throught a Japanese folding technique.


We will make together Chocolat or cheese Chapatis and we will cook them in the wood fire.

Homemade syrup that will accompany those little breads.

Pratical news

All this activities are addessed to children of 7 years old and over.

Hours : 14h00 – 17h00

The hours are adjustable

Price : 150.-CHF + 50*.-CHF for the organisation (Kazoo, Origami,…)

* Based price can go until 10 kids (inluded the discovery of the center, the Snack and the surprise).

For to have more children or more animations it’s :

– 10.-CHF per children (max. 15)

– 30.-CHF per animations

And for to reserve a date, you just have to contact us by :

Phone : 032 951 12 69


mail :

reservation example :

Birthday of Ludovi

Day : Wednesday 23 september, from 14h00 to 17h00.

Organisation : a milk carton purse and Kasoo

SNACK : Chocolate chapatis

Number of kids : 12

Price : 250.-CHF (150._CHF+50._CHF+30._CHF+10.-+10.-CHF)