Nature reserve of the l’Etang de la Gruère (pond of the Gruère)

The nature reserve of the l’Etang de la Gruère (pond of the Gruère), covers more than a 120 hectares. The peatbog or high swamp covers 56 hectares and has a thickness of 9 meters of peat, accumulated over 12,000 years (after the end of the last glaciation). A big part of the nature reserve is situated on the municipality of Saignelégier (Jura) but also on the other Jura territories such as that of the Bémont and Montfaucon, and also of Tramelan, in the Bern canton.

It is a swampy site of national importance where, in the 17th century, an artificial dam was made in order to action the mill.

Today, l’étang de la Gruère is a highly visited place by tourists, renouned for its beautiful nordic-style landscapes.
For more information on the peatbog, you can visit the filago site.

If you desire to discover this extraordinary area of peatbogs, the Centre Nature suggests guided tours of the nature reserve.

The Jura canton are currently creating a developmental project of this site. All information on this project.